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RPM and RPM source code

src.rpm contains both patchs and original source code.
rpmbuild and some related rpm command will not be introduced in this article.
some important file such as file.spec in rpm configuration will be ignored as well

It only talk about how to uncompress source code and patch source code and build the final binary.

take ftp-0.17-65.fc20.src.rpm for example.

1. uncompress rpm to source code folder

rpm2cpio ftp-0.17-65.fc20.src.rpm | cpio -idmv --no-absolute-filenames

2. patch patch file

patch -p1 < *.patch

3. build ftp project using ./configure && make.

Fedora 20 ethernet

p1p1 is Fedora 20 default ethernet interface name.

Comparing to traditional “eth0”, p1p1 is very different.

Mac address of p1p1 is 00:00:00:00:00 by default. The driver is not problem actually, however, I don’t know why Mac address is 00.

ifconfig p1p1 hw ether 02:01:02:03:04:08

ifconfig p1p1 up


then interface p1p1 will up and get ip address from dhcp server automatically.